EBRU Carpets

In this new collaboration between Osiris Hertman and EBRU you will find design pieces that are made by hand and reflect the beauty and value of craftsmanship.

Osiris Hertman about his inspiration for these rug designs: “The shapes that we have used for the designs of the EBRU rugs are inspired by shapes from nature or the shapes are designed so simple that a child can understand them; a simple shape language forms peace in an interior.

The design of the Mist carpet is inspired by the golden yellow glare of sun rays on a large sand drift as seen in the Sahara in Morocco”.

The design of the Hexagon of a beehive is a natural connecting shape that beautifully connects the different furniture in an interior ”.

The design of the Chess rug is inspired by the reflection of the surfaces of a cut diamond and the brilliance caused by the light, a beautiful kaleidoscope for your interior.

This product can be purchased via the studio. For more information please contact us via e-mail at

Grande Hexagon



Petit Hexagon