Osiris Hertman Studio

In the last 15 years Osiris Hertman Studio has built up a close and passionate network of designer, manufacturer and craftsmen that all share Osiris’ love for high quality, unique designs. Because of the diversity of the projects the team of Osiris Hertman Studio currently consists of architects, interior designers and product designers. The high level of detailing also requires exceptional manufacturers and craftsmen that were carefully selected and are worked closely with for numerous years.

Osiris Hertman Studio designs private residences for clients from Holland to Moscow and Monaco to Indonesia but also undertakes corporate and commercial projects such as showrooms, restaurants, hotels and recently even a wellness resort. The furniture and objects specially created for a project, not rarely attracts large international brands that result in a fruitful cooperation.


book interior designer-osiris-hertman

In this new inspiring book he presents eight recent projects: From a penthouse in the city to a lounge boat.

Showcasing 8 international projects, this book leads the reader into the world of all-round interior designer Osiris Hertman. He creates honest interiors that fit the home owner like a glove, with a key role for unique design and handmade furniture, natural materials and accessories. He combines handicraft with modern technology, and works with excellent artisans and studios from all over the world to ensure each piece is built to the utmost of its potential. Discover Hertman’s unique design and production processes, and be inspired within your own home.


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