The Hague Loft

This house cannot be simply described as a loft, penthouse or apartment: the house is simply too diverse for that. What is certain is that the young, former expat family that lives here has access to a spacious and beautifully laid out and furnished home where different functions are mixed and flow smoothly into each other. ‘Double-loft’ house fits best with the appearance and living comfort of this place.

Warmth, liveliness and many open spaces, these are the striking features of this spacious family home in the government city, which consists of two largely open floors and three terraces on, among other things, a city park. Osiris: “In this house I used as few walls as possible, in order to create as much space as possible. I have mixed many living functions with each other: that applies to the kitchen, the sitting room, the master bedroom, the gym, and the master shower, which is also the steam cabin at the same time.”