Selsiuz boiling/chilled and sparkling water tap

Osiris Hertman designed exclusively for Selsiuz two water taps which will provide you with almost any kind of water you could desire. The Cone water tap by Osiris Hertman offers the perfect balance between playful and a solid design. The archetypical conic details in this design are typical and recognisable. The electronic display is very easy to use and thanks to the Click Click GO system, it’s safe for children.

Functions of the tap

  • Easy electronic click- display
  • Cold- Warm- Hot- Ice cold and Sparkling water (5-in-1)
  • One button for each function: just press it once
  • The display can build in tot he kitchen counter (so it becomes one with the surface)
  • Cold and warm water is provided by using the seperate handle
  • Colors: Rvs, Gun Metal, Copper, Gold
  • Typcial conic details
Selsiuz hot water tap Osiris Hertman