Alphenberg Leather Carpet

We as Osiris Hertman Studio had already longer the desire to develop a carpet of high quality leather. In a custom-made design. This fits well with our approach to interiors. A timeless product which forms a good basic for any interior. The design is inspired by antique French castle floors.

The castle pattern has the impact of luxury and comfort. The stitches are inspired by a stitching from the fishing industry. Through the use of washed leather in different textures and tonal colors, this rug has become a modern version of the classic wooden castle floor. Because it is a custom-made product have many colors as possible. At present we carry the following sizes:

MEDIUM 220 x 290 cm (3 by 4 tiles)
LARGE 290 x 360 cm (4 by 5 tiles)
XL 360 x 430 cm (5 to 6 tiles)