FRACTIONS aluminium shutters

Fractions are unique aluminium shutters. Osiris Hertman and Fractions have been collaborating to fulfil their dream to take light experience one step further by adding design to functionality. Top designer Osiris Hertman took on the challenge and created several unique designs, starting from the interaction of light, shutter and shadow.

This led to unique design shutters which, combined with the option to vary between open and closed settings, create a playful shadow effect and a unique sense of privacy. The elegant Osiris designs, which speak of his love for craft and material, combined with the technical knowledge of Fractions make this Design by Osiris Hertman product line a unique window decoration with optimal luminosity.

Made in Holland

Fractions are ‘Made in Holland’. This fits entirely within the vision shared by Osiris and Fractions with respect to efficient production methods, sustainable use of materials and restriction of the ecological footprint.

The patterns are all distinct and give the room a completely different atmosphere. It is warm, sensual, playful and powerful. It is possible to greatly vary the light intensity by opening the shutters or by slightly closing them or by creating a more complex or a quieter pattern. The patterns the Design by Osiris product line casts on the wall, ceiling and floor resemble the dappled light of traditional lamps with perforations from Asia and Morocco. The result: a sturdy but refined product with cosmopolitan allure.

Unique characteristics

The advance of durable aluminium in the luxury home decoration segment is irreversible. This is partly due to the unique characteristics of aluminium.

  • Aluminium is lightweight and compact. Super flat panels, instead of wide wooden slats, make for a more efficient way to keep out light.
  • Aluminium can be applied in damp areas, is heat resistant, sustainable and self-protective. Fractions are therefore very suitable for sanitary areas.
  • In addition, the sleek material ensures that Fractions can be applied on or in the glazing bar of a tilting window or sliding door. Fractions seamlessly integrate in an aluminium (window or door) frame but can also be combined perfectly with wooden or plastic frames.
  • The system is available in any RAL colour and is thus fully customisable: crisp white in the living room, a darker intimate look in the bedroom, with a subtle glitter or a sturdy matt finish for the child’s room.
  • An additional advantage when compared to traditional shutters is with regard to the maintenance.Fractions are easy to clean.
  • When closed, this system is virtually lightproof.
  • Fractions give the interior an additional dimension. The sleek panels catch the eye and ensure a luxurious atmosphere.