On one of the canals of Amsterdam, in the city centre, we created an intimate apartment for a young entrepreneur . The design is all about comfort and luxurious living. One wall in the living we designed a fire place into a leather wall. Opposite of that is a wall covered with a beautiful curtain in metallic copper color. The epoxy table also has copper legs. Its table top is made of old Swiss chalet wood covered with 8 layers of transparent epoxy. A very unique piece. Lots of green is added to the living, a big green wall. An Osiris Hertman pot made out of Charmotte clay with a nice tropical plant.

To divide the living with the master bedroom we designed a large sliding door with a muscular hanging system. The door is made out of wood from old fisherman’s boats from Java, very unique and authentic. The four poster bed is hand-made in Indonesia, it has a floral pattern.