The starting point was an old terraced residence constructed in the 1930s, of which only the facade and the odd corniced ceiling were left intact. Osiris Hertman: “You should never be affraid to be rigorous in what you do”. Or think big: “Small spaces appear larger when furniture is placed in them”. The interior, for instance, includes a large hanging lamp and a solid steel dresser – both designs of Osiris Hertman – and oversized floor tiles measuring over one metre apiece.

The kitchen in itself is a rather bold statement, and has been realised in black marble, which continues up to the wall. The custom-made bed practically fills the entire room. In the bathroom, the room-filling maple tree trunk was finished with eight layers of epoxy. A stone boulder is placed on top as a basin. For extra transparency, a wall in the bathroom was created that is completely made of glass. The result is an entirely new and spacious house.